Karnatic music is rich with sacred associations. Its melodic vehicle, the raaga, is looked upon as divine. Naada, the primordial sound, is described as the body of God. The 22 shrutis (quarter-tone) and the 7 svaras (notes) are said to represent the form of the Supreme Goddess. Perhaps, after Sri Rama(Sri Tyagaraja),Sri Guha(Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar), Sri Kamakshi (Sri Shyama Sastri), and Sri Padmanabha (Sri Swati Tirunal), Sri Vinayaka has inspired most of the composers of the Karnatic music tradition.His figure itself symbolizes the supreme spiritual reality ‘Om’ the Brahman of the Upanishad. With the offering of 125 songs in 11 CD’S on Sri Vinayaka.

Dr.Smt. Geetha Ravikumar, musician and musicologist, has set up a record and blazed a trail. By any reckoning, her work is monumental. Four years of hard, sustained labour has gone behind it. Her rendering is marked by sincerity and devotion. A rich musical voice combined with clarity of articulation has made her singing memorable. The songs are in Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and Rajasthani .They include kritis, kirtans ,tarangam, bhajans and abhangs in a variety of raagas –80% are not popularly sung. To gain a mastery of the Kannada songs, Dr.Geetha spent more than a month in Mysore under the tutelage of an eminent Guru, Dr.(Smt)Sukanya Prabhakar.

The singer is also a speaker and writer in more than one language.A graduate in science at the Degree level, she specialized in music as a post-graduate student. She obtained her Doctorate in music from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Vidyalaya, Mumbai. She has authored four fast-selling books so far—‘The Concept and Evolution of Raaga in Hindustani and Karnatic Music’(2002), ‘Appreciation of Music—A Guide’ vol.I (2009), ‘Appreciation of Music—A Guide (Karnatic) vol.II (2011), and ‘An Appreciation of Music—A Guide(Hindustani)’,Vol.III (2015). Along with her CDs on Shree Ganesha, she has brought out ‘Shree Ganesha—Temples in India and Abroad’(2017). She has conducted workshops on music in India and abroad and presented papers at seminars in various parts of India. She has been a contributor of articles on music and musicians to various journals. Music is in her genes--her mother was a vocalist and her sister was a veena player.

She herself was an ‘A’ graded artiste of the All India Radio. She was awarded the Justice Telang Fellowship for her post – doctoral research in music. She was awarded a fellowship from the Department of Culture, Government of India. Dr.Geetha has been the Visiting Professor of Music for both Hindustani and Karnatic music at the University of Mumbai and at the SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, for nearly three decades. Dr.Geetha’s Gurus in Karnatic and Hindustani music were the late Sangeetha Kalanidhi and Padma Bhushan K.S..Narayanaswamy, the late S.Ramachandran, the late Vidushi T.R.Balamani, Smt.Mudhbhidri of Kirana and Agra Gharana, the late Pandit Yashwant Bua and the late Padma Bhushan Pandit.C.R.Vyas. GEETHA RAVIKUMAR Musician Musicologist Author Profile Geetha Ravikumar, musician, musicologist and author, Visiting Professor at the University of Mumbai and at SNDT Women’s University,Mumbai and graded artiste at All India Radio has researched and recorded a unique collection of 125 songs on Lord Ganesha in 11 CDs.

A monumental work comprising four years of strenuous and sustained research and labour this memorable collection includes songs like Geetams, Varnams, Kritis, Keertans, Tarangams, Abhangs, Shlokas, Namavalis and Bhajans on Ganesha in Sanskrit,Tamil, Kannada,Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and Rajasthani .Over 80% of the songs are not popularly sung or known and the collection includes compositions by past and contemporary composers. A compilation of ‘Ganesha Temples in India and Abroad’ has also been brought out along with the CDs, a fitting addition to her fast-selling books titled ‘The Concept and Evolution of Raaga in Hindustani and Carnatic Music’(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,2002),Appreciation of Music— A Guide(Vol I,2009) Appreciation of Music –a Guide(Vol.II,2011) and Appreciation of Music –A Guide(vol III, 2015). Geetha has over the years conducted workshops on music in India and abroad and presented papers at seminars in various parts of India.This work on Lord Ganesha is the latest feather in her cap. For workshops, lecture –dems and access to her work.

The Restive Musician 
- Bombay Times

Chembur Ghatkopar Plus
"Dr. Geetha Ravikumar has proved that balancing a banking career, pursuing her passion for music and academics and also managing a joint family are all possible when there is deep desire to do so with perfect determination."

Pandit Vinayakrao Pathwardhan Award (1998) 
Pandit Yashwant Bua Mirashi Award (1998)
Token of Appreciation from Pandit Bhinsen Joshi for Outstanding services rendered in the field of Music in Bombay Universiity (1994)

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